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Private Investigator Surveillance Services

Phoenix Investigators understand the difficulty and stress that come with trying to uncover something untoward in your relationship or workplace that’s hard to pinpoint. Our professional surveillance services team boasts professionals from police and military backgrounds, and they’re experts when it comes to legally uncovering the truth! With offices all over the UK, no corner is out of our reach– we make sure everything remains confidential, as client privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Our Surveillance That You Can Trust

Our private detective surveillance team can be trusted in times of trouble. Each surveillance investigator on our team comes from either a Police or Military background or has extensive experience as a private investigator – we choose each member with great care after considering training and past work to select only those that excel at what they do.

By hiring us, you get more than just surveillance experts: you gain critical thinkers and sharp observers with unparalleled judgement and decision-making skills that will ensure investigations yield the results you need.

Thanks to a network of international agents ready to jump into action, whether your case is in the UK or beyond, we are equipped to help you.

At Phoenix Investigators, we handle all sorts of surveillance tasks:

  • Static Surveillance
  • Active Surveillance
  • Undercover Operations
  • GPS Tracking

Our team tackles everything from cracking cases of fraud and theft to dealing with personal matters like infidelity. No matter the challenge, our goal is to uncover the truth, providing you with peace of mind and solid evidence.

Our surveillance services:

Static Surveillance

Static surveillance is your go-to choice when you need eyes on a place without stirring up suspicion. Our team sets up in a fixed location, blending in seamlessly to keep a continuous watch. This method is perfect for cases where you suspect something fishy but need hard proof to back up your gut feelings. Whether it’s monitoring a suspect’s home, a business, or any other important spot, our experts are trained to observe without being noticed. They gather crucial evidence with precision, ensuring every detail is noted for your peace of mind and legal needs.

Active Surveillance

Active surveillance or mobile surveillance means taking proactive steps to follow targets discreetly. Our team begins deploying their expertise immediately, using expert training to track subjects discretely. This approach is ideal when you want to see what’s going on when someone goes about their day; whether that means following them across town or monitoring interactions, our operatives stay close but out of sight, using cutting-edge tech that captures video and audio without skipping a beat – providing real-time insights into a subject’s activities so you have enough evidence to take confident actions.

Undercover Surveillance

Undercover surveillance takes stealth to an entirely different level. Our operatives blend in seamlessly, adopting roles or identities that allow them to get close to the target without being detected – which is invaluable when investigating complex situations such as corporate espionage or internal company fraud. Our team members have backgrounds in police or military operations, which enable them to perform flawlessly regardless of setting. They collect insights and evidence while remaining undercover so as not to tip off the target or compromise your investigation; gathering facts discreetly and securely is our speciality.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a cutting-edge tool in our private surveillance toolkit. With it, we can monitor a vehicle’s or person’s movements from afar, giving you a precise, real-time look at where they’re heading and when. This technology is super helpful in cases where knowing someone’s travel patterns is key—like financial fraud or theft investigations. Our team uses high-quality GPS devices that are discreet and reliable (with the vehicle owner’s permission), ensuring that targets are unaware they’re being tracked. This method provides clear, undeniable proof of locations and times, which can be crucial in legal scenarios or personal disputes.

Surveillance for Insurance Fraud

Dealing with insurance fraud? Our surveillance services can be instrumental in combatting false claims. Whether exaggerated injuries or manufactured accidents are involved, our team can handle it – using everything from static and active surveillance to GPS tracking systems to catch fraudsters in their tracks. Our experienced Private Detectives UK, who possess both police and military techniques, gather evidence legally and discreetly – helping insurers and individuals avoid costly payouts to deceptive claimants and bring about justice for everyone involved.

Fraud and theft surveillance

Our surveillance services are an effective means of uncovering fraud and theft in both professional and personal settings. From employee workplace environments to personal matters, our skilled team employs multiple surveillance tactics that capture dishonest behaviours or illegal activities – no matter their source. With experts from diverse backgrounds on our staff, we are equipped to handle even the sneakiest of schemes. By monitoring suspicious transactions or tracking the movement of stolen goods, we provide crucial evidence you need to defend assets while holding perpetrators responsible.

Long-Term Sick Leave Surveillance

Understanding long-term sick leave management requires having access to all the facts. Our surveillance services can help confirm whether an employee’s sick leave is genuine. Utilising discreet and ethical surveillance methods, our experienced team keeps an eye on the daily activities of the subject in question. This can be essential for employers who suspect misuse of sick leave policies, helping to maintain fairness and morale in the workplace. All evidence gathered is handled appropriately to ensure it’s admissible in any potential legal proceedings, safeguarding your business interests with integrity.

Harassment Surveillance

Harassment can make life unbearable, whether it happens at work or in personal spaces; we can help with discreet harassment surveillance services. We use advanced techniques to monitor and document any unwelcome behaviour, ensuring that victims can get the evidence they need to take action. Our experienced operatives, trained in sensitive operations, handle each case with the utmost care to preserve your privacy and safety. By providing concrete proof, such as videos or photos, we support your claims in any legal proceedings, helping to restore peace to your life.

Cost of Surveillance Services:

How much do our surveillance services cost? The price varies by the type of services and the duration of the surveillance you are planning to conduct. In general, urban surveillance costs start at £450 + VAT per 4 hours, with every additional hour adding £65 + VAT. As for rural surveillance, the cost is £499 + VAT for 4 hours, with every extra hour adding £75 + VAT. If you are interested in a 40-hour comprehensive package, your closest option will be the range from £2600 to £3000, depending on the venue. Note that these prices include mileage, minor expenses, and all the client communications and reports. For a more precise quote based on your requirements, please contact us with the details of your surveillance inquiry.

Why Use Our Surveillance Company Services?

Expert Team: Our operatives come from elite police and military backgrounds, offering unsurpassed levels of professionalism and skill in surveillance operations.

Legal Compliance: As experts in surveillance law, our surveillance experts guarantee all evidence gathered will be admissible in court proceedings.

Diverse Capabilities: Our capabilities range from rural and urban settings, from simple observations to complex undercover operations requiring undercover agents – our experience covers it all!

Real-Time Updates: Stay in the know with real-time progress reports delivered in whatever form is convenient – email, phone call, text.

Advanced Technology: At Phoenix Investigators we use cutting-edge surveillance tech for clear, undeniable evidence of fraud or misconduct.

With decades of success behind us and an established track record in discreet operations management, we ensure your interests are handled with extreme care and confidentiality.

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