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A Guide On Private Investigator Costs In the UK in 2024

Do you want to Hire a Private Investigator in 2024 in the UK and are wondering about the costs? It can be daunting and challenging to determine how much PI services cost; each investigation requires different considerations making it impossible to establish one set fee. With costs rising across the board in today’s economy, having an open discussion about expenses with your investigator is more crucial than ever. At Phoenix Private Investigators, we don’t sacrifice quality in order to keep costs low; instead, we focus on working within your budget to deliver results you require. Ultimately, pricing depends on the specifics of your case. Contact us now for a free consultation; together, we’ll assess whether hiring a PI might be the right solution in your situation.

Costs of Hiring a Private Investigator

Private Investigator Cost Per Hour

The exact price will depend on your needs, length of investigation time, and tools used by PIs; typically, they charge anywhere between £30 to £85 an hour, with most costs falling within this range; some services, like car tracking services, may charge differently. Though experienced investigators might seem more expensive initially, paying them could save both time and money over time. It is wise to discuss finances from the outset in order to prevent surprises.

Private Detective Cost UK Per Day

The cost of hiring a private investigator in the UK can typically range from £300- £1,000 per day based on factors including the experience of the investigator, case requirements, and any additional expenses incurred during the investigation process, such as travel and equipment costs.

List of the Costs of Private Investigators in UK

Surveillance Costs:

Starting from £29.50 per hour. The final private investigator UK cost can vary based on the specific requirements of each case, including the need for photos, reports, and video evidence.

Process Service:

A fixed fee ranging from £75.00 to £175.00. This includes mileage, travel time, up to three service attempts, a sworn affidavit or statement of service, and return delivery within 48 hours.

Specialist People Trace Costs:

Pricing is provided on request, as it depends on the specific circumstances and location of the investigation.

Trace a Person/Address:

Starts at £25.00 for bulk instructions. This service offers a fixed fee, fast completion time, and guaranteed results.

General Investigation:

Rates range from £35.00 to £45.00 per hour. Contact is advised for a more detailed discussion.

Find a Person from a Telephone Number:

Starting from £44.25, the PI cost varies based on the details of the case.

Background Checks:

Costs begin at £175.00 per check.

Enquiry Agent Services:

Door knocks and verbal inquiries start at £35.00 per hour.

In or Out of Office Meeting Rate:

Priced at £65.00 per hour. Initial consultations via email or phone are offered for free.

Debugging/Counter-Surveillance Sweep:

Prices are bespoke and available upon request.

These private investigator prices can give you a ballpark figure, but it’s always best to have a detailed discussion with us to understand the full scope and cost of the services you need.

Can I Pay A Fixed Fee?

Yes, you can pay a fixed fee for some private investigator services. Fixed costs are usually available for specific tasks or services where the scope and duration of the work can be clearly defined upfront. For example, process serving, certain types of background checks, or specific surveillance operations might offer the option to pay a fixed price. It’s important to discuss your needs with the private investigator during your initial consultation to see if a fixed fee arrangement is possible for your particular case. This helps ensure clarity on costs and what’s included in the service, avoiding any unexpected expenses.

What Other Costs Should I Expect to Pay?

As part of hiring a private investigator, you should expect additional costs related to the investigation. These could include travel expenses that cover both the time spent traveling and distance traveled, fees for compiling reports, initial setup costs, any unforeseen expenses during the investigation, and any unexpected charges. It is advisable to discuss all potential costs before beginning to avoid surprises down the line.

Be wary of hidden private investigator fees, as these can quickly add up. Some investigators may require a retainer or advance payment that will be applied toward your final bill.

How Will I Be Charged For A Private Investigator’s Services?

Private investigators accept various payment methods, including cash, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers for their services; you are usually free to select the payment method that best meets your needs. Be sure to inquire about payment methods during your initial consultation so you’re prepared. Although cash payments may be available, because the UK private investigation sector is unregulated, so you should opt for traceable payment methods such as credit or debit cards to provide greater security and transparency.

Can You Price Match Another Investigator?

The pricing of our private investigator services reflects both our high level of experience and the quality resources, tools, and time invested in producing exceptional results. While we aim to offer reasonable rates, our main priority is providing value through great service and outcomes; due to carefully calculated rates that cover the costs necessary for reaching top results, we usually cannot lower our fees.

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