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Dating Scam Investigation

Online Dating Checks

In today’s digital age, a significant slice of new romances sprout from online interactions, but it’s vital to ask yourself who you’re really connecting with. When you decide to hire a private investigator for uk online dating checks, you’re taking a crucial step toward safeguarding your heart and your life. Our tailored background checks dig deep—revealing real names, criminal histories, and even hidden financial details—ensuring the person you’re chatting with is who they claim to be. Whether tweaking their age or fabricating entire identities, our team is on hand to unveil the truth, giving you the confidence to pursue relationships that are genuine and transparent.

Easy and Convenient Dating Scam Investigation:

Navigating the complex world of online dating UK can often lead to deception and financial abuse. With our easy and convenient dating scam investigation services, you can confidently explore this digital dating landscape.

Our professional investigators use sophisticated techniques to uncover any unsavoury truths lurking behind those charming profiles. From verifying personal and financial backgrounds to detecting fake identities – our approach ensures both emotional well-being as well as protection against potential scams so that your experience of online dating remains genuine and safe.

Our Online Dating Background Checks

As you dive deeper into online dating, it is critical that you know exactly who you’re communicating with. Our background checks provide that assurance. We focus on details that matter, such as the individual’s real name and age, criminal records, financial stability, and personal details like marriage history or property ownership. These checks provide peace of mind without the hassle or disruption of having an in-depth investigation completed on each potential match.

Standard Online Dating Background Check

Jumping into the online dating pool? Our Standard Online Dating Background Check is your first step to ensuring safety while swimming in these digital waters. We conduct a detailed examination of the essentials, from verifying the actual names and dates of birth of those you meet online to checking for any criminal history. We also look into simpler but crucial details like marital status and property ownership. This service is designed to be quick and efficient, giving you crucial insights without a long wait so you can proceed with confidence while knowing more about who’s really behind the profile.

Enhanced Online Dating Background Check

For those looking for a deeper dive into the backgrounds of potential online matches, our Enhanced Online Dating Background Check is the perfect solution. This service goes beyond the basics, providing a comprehensive look at not only criminal records and online dating identity verification but also delving into financial histories, bankruptcy records, and judgments. We also investigate familial obligations like child custody or support issues. Designed for thoroughness yet conducted with speed, this onlinedatingcheck ensures you have a better understanding of who you’re potentially letting into your life, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in your dating journey.

Top Background Checks Sites For Online Dating Fraud:

Here are some of the best background check sites that Phoenix investigators regularly use in our online dating checks.


TruthFinder is well known for its deep web searches, which allow it to access information that is not accessible via regular internet search engines. TruthFinder makes an excellent tool for screening people you meet online as it pulls up all kinds of details, such as criminal records, previous addresses, potential aliases, and social media profiles, to give a full picture of who your target is. TruthFinder helps ensure a safer dating experience by providing reliable details quickly.


BeenVerified stands out as a go-to tool for anyone looking to learn more about their online date. It offers detailed reports by pulling data from various sources, including social media, public records, and criminal databases. You can discover a person’s age, relatives, contact information, and more. BeenVerified is known for its thoroughness and ease of use, with special deals that make it affordable, such as a trial period where you can conduct multiple checks at a low cost. This site ensures you have all the essential background information to make safe dating decisions.


Spokeo makes it simple and affordable to learn more about your potential dates before meeting them. Accessing billions of records, Spokeo can reveal a lot about your target, including their history and present lives, where they lived before, who their relatives are, and even their online presence across various social media platforms. Plus, it offers an affordable trial period so you can dig deep into someone’s background, which is perfect for checking potential matches quickly with comprehensive results!


CheckPeople provides an effortless background-checking solution, making it simple and accessible for anyone to learn more about someone they meet online. Its powerful search tools scour public records and the “deep web” to produce a detailed report detailing past addresses, family relationships, and criminal history – delivering results quickly so you can make safe decisions in an informed manner regarding potential dating prospects quickly and safely. Their 24/7 customer support ensures there’s always someone there when you need it.

Instant CheckMate

Instant CheckMate is designed for those who want to quickly learn more about their online dates without digging too deep. It offers unlimited searches, allowing you to view standard reports that include a person’s address history, close relationships, arrest records, and social media profiles. For more detailed information, you can opt for premium reports, which cover even more ground, like civil judgments and corporate affiliations. Instant CheckMate provides these services with an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that you can obtain the information you need promptly and efficiently to stay safe while dating online.

iD True

iD True offers an efficient and dependable method for verifying someone you meet online, whether that be where they reside, their criminal records, or details about relatives and business associates. With instantaneous results, iD True makes sure you know if the person you are talking to is who they claim to be so as to keep online dating safe and genuine for everyone involved.


Intelius is your go-to search solution in online dating, offering a comprehensive collection of searches that help you gain more information about potential partners. Intelius lets you conduct people searches, criminal record checks, and reverse phone lookups, all from one user-friendly mobile app. Intelius reports include personal details as well as public records that you can quickly and easily access through personal details or public records reports, making it an indispensable companion when dating with confidence and peace of mind!


Persopo makes it simple and affordable to conduct thorough background checks on someone you meet through online dating. This service searches a wide range of databases across the United States, giving you access to federal and state records. You can start searching for free to see if Persopo has any information before deciding to purchase a full report. Once you choose to proceed, Persopo provides details on criminal history, marriage and divorce records, and more, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of someone’s background. With its easy-to-use interface and budget-friendly membership options, Persopo helps you safely navigate the complexities of online relationships.


SearchQuarry is a comprehensive tool for those venturing into online dating, providing access to a broad spectrum of public records. This service allows you to delve into civil and criminal records, court details, and even driving histories. What sets SearchQuarry apart is its capability to offer real-time updates on contact information, ensuring you have the most current details about someone you are interested in. Whether you need a one-time report or unlimited access, SearchQuarry offers flexible plans, including a low-cost trial, making it easier and more affordable to check the backgrounds of potential dates safely.


PeopleWhiz is a powerful tool for anyone diving into the world of online dating. It boasts access to over 67 billion searchable records, covering everything from criminal backgrounds to court records and even minor details like traffic tickets. PeopleWhiz allows you to quickly discover key facts about potential dates, including their social media presence. The service is user-friendly and provides ample privacy; additionally, its subscription options make it accessible whether conducting one-time checks or needing ongoing access.


Figuring out if your potential partner online is genuine can be challenging, but there are ways you can be more certain. First, pay attention to their consistency over time in what they say – sincere people tend to stick with similar stories and facts over time. Also important is checking their social media profiles and online activities to ensure their behaviour is consistent with what they described to you. If their accounts seem new and contain few friends or interactions, it might be an indicator. Furthermore, an independent background-checking service like Phoenix Investigators’ online dating check should be used. These services can provide crucial details like criminal histories and past relationships and verify whether these details match what has been told to you by the target.

Verifying yourself for online dating is important to show potential dates that you are trustworthy. Start by being honest about your interests, age, and occupation in your dating profile. Use up-to-date photos that show your face clearly, and consider linking your dating profile to your social media accounts if they reflect your real life accurately. Additionally, you can use verification features offered by many dating sites, which involve providing additional proof of your identity. These include sending a selfie with a specific gesture or linking your profile to other verified accounts. Being verified adds a layer of trust and shows others that you are serious about safe and honest dating.

Being “catfished” means someone has created an online profile in order to deceive you into believing they are someone they’re not, such as on dating sites or social media platforms. They might do it to start relationships, ask for money, or just for personal amusement – so be wary. Use our background check services if in doubt as to the veracity and intentions of individuals you meet online to protect against being catfished!

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