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Phoenix Investigators’ Asset Search Service Offers You A Clear Picture Of Anyone Or Any Company’s Financial Status.






Asset Search Investigation Services

Financial dealings can be complicated, making it easy for people and companies to conceal assets from view. Divorce proceedings, business disputes, or legal battles often exacerbate and lengthen conflicts when these hidden assets remain undisclosed. Our asset search private investigators help shed light on a person’s true financial status – working closely with your legal team; we conduct extensive investigations to uncover everything from real estate, investments, and offshore accounts as we provide the evidence necessary for legal proceedings. This essential service allows informed decisions as well as peace of mind – providing peace of mind while giving evidence necessary for court proceedings.

What Is An Asset Search Investigation, and Can it Help You?

An asset tracing investigation involves taking an in-depth look into a person’s or business’s financial world to ascertain which assets they own. This may include checking for properties, businesses, investments, and hidden bank accounts. People often hide assets for various reasons, including preventing themselves from losing money in a divorce settlement or not paying their fair share in business deals. Our asset investigations and recovery allow you to gain a complete picture of someone’s wealth, which can prove crucial when going to court or entering into legal agreements. Knowing which assets someone owns can save time and money in legal battles while helping make smarter decisions. Asset searches provide the edge when dealing with personal disputes or business negotiations by showing what their true financial situation really is.


Asset Tracing For Individuals & Companies:

Asset tracing & recovery helps both individuals and companies uncover hidden or undisclosed financial resources and properties. It is essential when you’re involved in legal disputes, divorce, or business separations, and you need to understand the full extent of a party’s assets. Our service delves into all forms of assets—properties, investments, business interests, and even offshore accounts—to provide a clear financial picture. This comprehensive view supports informed decisions in legal or financial negotiations, ensuring you pursue the most advantageous outcomes based on accurate and complete asset disclosure.

Why Does The Need Arise For An Asset Search UK?


Divorce cases often involve one partner attempting to conceal assets so as to avoid sharing them, whether this means money, properties, or investments. Our asset search helps ensure that all assets are known before the divorce settlements are made. This is crucial because it helps both parties receive a fair share based on the true value of their joint assets. By uncovering hidden assets, our service helps prevent unfair settlements and ensures that all financial distributions during the divorce are just and equitable. This can make the divorce process smoother and more straightforward, reducing conflicts and helping both parties move on more quickly and fairly.

Child Support

When determining child support payments, it’s essential that both parties involved possess an accurate picture of each other’s financial resources. One parent might try to hide assets so as to appear less capable of paying support payments. In this situation, our asset search plays a pivotal role in uncovering their true financial status. By providing a clear financial picture, our service helps to ensure that the support provided truly meets the needs of the children involved, making it a crucial step in safeguarding their well-being and future.

Contested will

When a will is contested, it is often because family members or other parties believe not all assets owned by the deceased have been disclosed and/or distributed fairly according to their intentions. An asset search can play an invaluable role here by unearthing all assets owned by them – even those not listed in their will – which enables distribution to adhere to actual holdings. This prevents disputes among heirs due to incomplete accounts of what assets actually existed and helps them reach fair and just resolutions quickly while potentially avoiding lengthy legal battles.


In bankruptcy proceedings, understanding a person or company’s complete financial position is of utmost importance. An asset search helps by uncovering all assets held by those declaring bankruptcy to ensure all involved – creditors included – receive a fair settlement based on true asset valuation. Sometimes, assets may be hidden to avoid seizure or to understate the actual wealth, which can lead to unfair distributions of debt responsibilities. By revealing all assets, our service ensures that the bankruptcy process is transparent and just, helping creditors recover what they are rightfully owed and ensuring that the process adheres to legal standards.

Judgement Recovery

After winning a legal judgement, the next challenge lies in collecting the awarded amount. An asset search becomes essential as sometimes parties that are required to pay may attempt to hide assets to avoid fulfilling their judgement obligations. By conducting an asset search, we can locate any concealed or undisclosed assets of the debtor to ensure that the rightful party can enforce their judgement with success.

Cost for Asset Tracing

Asset tracing costs depend on how complex and involved your search is and which resources are necessary. A straightforward search like that for debt collection could cost several hundred pounds. Investigations that include offshore assets and multiple properties may require several thousand pounds in costs, depending on the location and depth of information needed. Some investigators charge by the hour, while others might offer flat-rate asset tracing services based on your needs and budget. To ensure there are no unexpected expenses during your search process, you must discuss this topic with an experienced investigator beforehand in order to better understand all costs. Contact Phoenix Investigators today to get a custom quote.


How Do We Track Down Hidden Assets?

Tracking down hidden assets starts with a thorough background check, using both public records and specialised databases. We look into land registries and vehicle registrations and even delve into digital footprints to gather crucial information. By carefully analysing financial transactions and following paper trails, our team can uncover subtle signs of asset transfers and holdings that may not be immediately obvious. We also use advanced asset tracing techniques digital forensics to investigate online activities and transactions to do online asset search, which can reveal more about a person’s or company’s hidden financial dealings. This detailed approach helps us find assets that individuals or businesses might have tried to conceal, ensuring that our clients receive a comprehensive understanding of their financial landscapes.

How Can Phoenix Investigators Asset Search Service Help You?

Phoenix Investigators’ asset search service offers you a clear picture of anyone or any company’s financial status. When engaging in legal proceedings, considering business deals, or going through divorce proceedings, knowing all assets involved can be crucial. We start by gathering detailed information from both public and private sources, looking into property records, business partnerships, and even hidden accounts. Our comprehensive approach reveals not only visible assets but also those hidden away through complex schemes or transfers. By providing the full scope of assets, our service enables you to make informed decisions, negotiate better settlements, and pursue legal actions with confidence. This comprehensive approach can prevent expensive litigation over hidden assets while helping secure what rightfully belongs to you.

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